Unique Music Services


Remote Personal on line recording. Backing Tracks- for solo singers.one man bands-duo's, pratically every situation requireing such. . virtually any audio production task, " Unique Music Services " can help! 
Best of all this service is at a reasonable cost.

Songwriting Services
Here you can live out a dream which you may have overlooked!. "For instance"
If you write songs and need an original approach to produce a professional finished product: You are at the right place. No matter how small: For instance you may wish to write a personal love song for your partner' to celebrate a birthday' or some other event. " Unique Music Services " can help. No project too small
Many people have a desire to hear themselves sing on a CD. many more would like to give a present of themselves singing songs that their family used to have great fun with'
While many of our clients send us fully written songs and others send a humble vocal recording of their melody, still more send us just lyrics, or words around which to build a song from scratch.  If you’ve got music, or even a melody, we’ll produce your song just the way you want it.  If you only have lyrics, we’ll write original music specifically for them in the style of your choice. 
We have also done jingle-writing for commercials, music for sporting events, as well as music for weddings, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and other special events.entering song contests.ect'
If you have recordings of yourself or someone else on cassette tape' or reel to reel tape' we transfer it to disc along with backing music.
We also restore and transfer Old VHS tapes to disc.

To have your own personal recording completed' singing or playing an instrument' contact me for details on to go about it.