Short Story's -Dreams-

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Book 1
Short Storys, Dreams, Poetry & Prose.,
This book is as the title suggests.!,
Its a chronicle of life.
Awake Asleep, Analysing and Wondering,
Coming to a conculsion,
Arriving at a place of finality.
A place to buid a bridge,
Cross a river,
Sail a boat over an ocean.

Den My Uncle
Keane is the Name, of this one Good Man


Book 2.
Den My Uncle.

Personal memories of a man who showed me as a child,
that there is humanity in human beings;
This story is set in Drimoleague, West Cork, Ireland; from the 1950's to the mid 1960's.
A small boy of four is brought from Dublin to Drimoleague, to become a farmer,
however life intervenes, everything changes,
All that has been learned is not fully appreciated
until the arrival of the letter


ISBN 1449584683
EAN 9781449584689

Book 3

Annie is a Murphy' a young woman about to be married.
Her marriage will be arranged by her father' It's the first huge big event for the Murphy family.
Celebrated by the two families ' relations and friends.
After the match making' ceremony and celebrations have ended. Annie moves in with her new in-laws.
With no heir's to the farm arriving' they begin to pour scorn on Annie.
But Annie and her mother Kate hatch a master plan:
Annie get a little boy; the answer to all her prayers. Even though he is a hard child to rear.
Annie sees it as her God given duty to help those in need.
In the process' both she and he go through 12 years of turbulence: Up's and downs' followed by...?
Read the book.. Meet and see some of the people in their lives.

ISBN-13: 978-1450504904
ISBN-10: 1450504906

Book 4
A MAN OF MANY NAMES, Available soon

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